Spring Specials & Maintenance Checklist Articles


  • Check tips… Slip-ons are okay for band-aid fixes but the best, long lasting remedy is for us to do factory hard leather tips on our cue lathe. $8 each for clients and we’ll pick up and drop off free! Flat and missing tips cause pinholes in your felt. If you see small holes, guests were playing with no tips on cues.
  • 50% of your cues should be shorter for kids. They do less damage and its a better game for them. For 5 BRM and smaller homes we suggest 2 x 48″ and 2 x 57″ cues. 6BRM home and up we suggest 6-8 total cues with half being 48″.
  • Check your balls. Chips damage felt. Faded, inexpensive ball sets cause white burnish spots on good felt… and there are a ton of these in our market. Walmart sells more every day! Invest $56 in a good set of balls with lifetime guarantee.
  • For dirty felt, the mills recommend a “wet bath”. Ring out a towel in warm water and press it onto your surface. It will actually lift chalk and other impurities  through the porous fabric. Stains are difficult, once they set in. You can try a mild dish detergent but chemicals of any kind are bad. Steam cleaning pulls fibers out of the fabric and shortens the life further.
  • Match color of your chalk to the color of your felt. If exact match not available, stay as close as possible to the colors on the old color wheel.
  • Check your bridge stick. Without one, kids have to crawl on top of the table to make some shots.
  • Many times your game room is the guest’s first impression… MAKE IT A GOOD ONE!
  • We are seeing 40% of the tables in our market with rail rubber detaching from the rail itself. Check by pushing the inside edge of the rail downward. If you feel any movement, you have a detached rail and a ball will not properly rebound leading to very dissatisfied guests. Call for repair estimates. Cheaper to do when re-felting table, otherwise it is $29/rail plus service call. If done when we are already there, it is $19/rail with no service call. If you have this problem (C.L.Bailey or KASSON pool tables) you can expect all 6 rails to go.


Tighten up your legs if you can. Stock up on balls, when players run out, they use wads of paper which jams up ball return. Replace broken men.


Have extra pucks and goalies. Be sure ample air coming thru holes. Sand can plug up holes. Tighten up legs.


Annual strip and wax is great if you can. Change out powder very couple of years. Granules actually get sharp edges after a lot of play. Spray clean board with silicon. Have enough powder!


As one owner once told us “even rubber rusts in the OBX”. Hose salt off outdoor games when possible and cover up in off season. We believe Trex is still the best for withstanding the coastal environment but do hose off when you can, in particular the hardware. Don’t just set it outside and forget about it.