Many of our billiard manufacturers have gotten into shuffleboard in the wake of a huge rise in popularity. All ages seem to be enjoying the game. They can be placed along a wall and adjacent to pool tables, as in a Dave and Busters Restaurant, because the back stroke of the pool stick goes over the top of the playing surface of a shuffleboard. We have not seen any shuffleboards priced under $1600 retail that are made well.CALL FOR SPECIALS AND SPACE REQUIREMENTS!!! Click here for rules on how to play shaffleboard games 
















Scratch & Dent 9′ Shuffleboard
IMG_20180213_091512128Brand new game that had damage from shipping. Nice quality board with thick urethane pour on play field in Antique Walnut finish, 2800 new – $1400 now.
9′ Shuffleboard Game Table

ShuffleboardCabinetIMG_20180213_091533921(L-C): 9′ Shuffleboard Game table in Warm Chestnut finish with built in storage cabinet, includes all accessories (sand and pucks) – $1790 includes delivery, assembly, set-up and accessories.

(R): 9′ Black Shuffleboard – $1345.

12′ Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard Cabinet12′ Shuffleboard in Warm Chestnut finish with a center pedestal leg for added stability, built in storage cabinet and all accessories (sand and pucks) – $2190 includes delivery, assembly, set-up and accessories.


Legacy Classic & Elite Shuffleboards

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 5.14.56 PMScreen Shot 2018-01-05 at 5.18.43 PM(L): Legacy Classic 9′ Shuffleboard with the glide out Perfect Drawer mounted under the table to keep everything out of site, in black or antique walnut finish – $2190.

(R): Elite 12′ Shuffleboard, antique walnut or black – $2890.

Prices include delivery, assembly, set-up and accessories.

These Shuffleboard Tables match Black Pearls and Gaston Billiard Tables.

12′ Bedford Weathered Oak Shuffleboard

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 5.29.25 PM12′ Bedford Shuffleboard in Weathered Oak finish, 3 sets of steel legs and a steel crossbar for stability – $3417.

Matching 7′ or 8′ Bedford Pool Table is available in weathered oak finish.

Classic Brunswick Andover Shuffleboard

andover_shuffleboardandoverBrunswick Andover Shuffleboard in coastal Driftwood finish, convenient storage shelves, maple wood playfield and polymer resin surface, pairs nicely with Brunswick Allenton Billiard Table. Other finish options available. Price includes delivery, assembly, set-up and accessories.

12′ – $3990.

14′ – $4290.

Check out Driftwood Billiard Table.

Asheville Shuffleboard

ashville-shuffleboardAsheville Shuffleboard in weathered dark stain, available in 9′ – $3117 and 12′ – $3417.

Price includes delivery, assembly, set-up and accessories.

Also matching Asheville Billiard Table available in the same finish starting at $3635.

Olhausen Breckenridge Shuffleboard

breckenridgeOlhausen Breckenridge Shuffleboard available in various sizes and finish options, starting at $6500.

Matching Breckenridge Billiard Table available as well.

Rock Solid Outdoor Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard side view-2 Rock Solid ShuffleboardThis one is truly the 1st real outdoor Shuffleboard Table! The playing field is made from solid granite, Marine Grade Aluminum, powder coated with choice of 8 finishes, Lifetime Warranty on the structure – $9995.

Hand Crafted in America.