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Inventory from Foreclosure Home

Waste management Recycle and Trash Containers are $45 each.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey under a Dome. There many grades and copies of this game table. Growing in popularity this stick hockey is rapidly replacing the foosball in popularity.


The butcherblock heavy duty foosball is preferred for our rental markets. Less expensive models have had parts availability issues and simply dont hold up. Our furniture foosball is a great upgrade to the discerning homeowner.

Card and Game Sets

Very hard to find quality sets at inexpensive price. The chairs always make up 80% of the cost since you need 4. A good quality game chair with 5 spindle base and gas lift starts at about $300 each. Tables are available as 2 in 1 which means the top flips from a dining or board game top to a card top or poker top. A 3 in 1 table usually means bumper pool is an included feature inside the table. These tables are available in an array of stained wood options and center fabric/felt colors to fit any decor.